Sunday, July 8, 2012

Argh! Removalists! - Part 2

So I thought the removalists were going to come on Sunday, but I didn't hear anything from them. I checked my emails, and realised that the date in the email was for Monday. I was pretty sure I'd heard Sunday, but it did seem a bit odd, I probably had mis-heard it. Monday was fine.

On Monday morning I called up the removalists to find out what time they were coming. I was told they'd call me back with a time. They didn't. A bit over an hour later, I called again, and was informed that they were loading up in Brisbane, and  would give me a call a call when they were on their way to Toowoomba. We waited for the call. At about 3:00pm, I called again, and was informed that they weren't actually going to take our job, as the job in Brisbane had blown out, and there wasn't room for our stuff.

I was furious. It was obvious that they had known this for some time already, and hadn't bothered to let me know. They wouldn't be able to take our stuff until Thursday now. We had now been stood up twice by Moving Again. Thursday meant at least another 3 days delay, and what were the chances that our stuff would even make it onto the truck that time? ARGH!

In the end, with the help of Mum and her partner, we got onto Grace, who were able to pick up our stuff the next morning. They even gave an estimated arrival time, and arrived pretty close to it, I'm not sure exactly, as we were gone by then anyway. Hopefully, the next post on removalists will be to say that our stuff has arrived and that will be the end of it.

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