Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Moo-free chocolate review

In the past few weeks, I've been experimenting with reducing the amount of dairy I consume. I'm not against the consumption of animal products such as milk and eggs as such, but I recognise that my ability to assess the conditions under which the animals are kept is limited, and there are good environmental reasons to cut back too. Also, soy milk doesn't taste anywhere near as terrible as I remember it. It's actually quite pleasant!

Recently, Hunter and I were in the Dandenong Ranges, a bit of a hippy area, and I saw some ridiculously overpriced "moo free" milk chocolate. So it's not actually milk chocolate, but it's supposed to taste like it is, unlike most dairy free chocolate, which is dark. When the shop assistant assured me that it was actually pretty good, I made eyes at Hunter, who bought it for me, since I'd forgotten my money.

Despite my excitement and anticipation, the first bite was a let down. A second bite confirmed my first impressions. I couldn't honestly recommend it. A quick Google search shows entirely positive reviews, but I suspect that people who can't or won't eat dairy are excited to find a chocolate approximation they can eat, and are being over-generous. Although the texture isn't bad, the rice-milk flavour overpowers the coco, and it's a bit too sweet. It does not satisfy my chocolate needs. Sad Lucy.

So, for the very small number of my readers (if there are any at all), who are chocolate lovers and want a non-dairy alternative, sorry, this probably isn't it.

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