Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's do the time warp again

Yay! Queensland has officially moved backwards in human rights. Civil Unions have been "downgraded".

But it's ok, really:

''They lose nothing from this change,'' Mr Newman said today of LGBT community members who had fought hard for the right to register their relationships.
That's right, same-sex couples are still allowed to register their relationships and have a private ceremony, they're just not allowed to have a state sanctioned ceremony. I feel re-assured, they're not losing anything. So if we took away heterosexual couples right to a state-sanctioned ceremony, I guess us heterosexuals wouldn't be losing anything either. We should pass that as the next piece of stupid legislation.

Here's another brilliant quote from the article:
Mr Newman said state-sanctioned ceremonies were what offended Christian groups opposed to civil unions, beause [sic] they appeared to mimic marriage.
That's right, who cares about the how the LGBT people feel about having their rights taken away, Conservative Christians are the real victims; we must be careful not to offend them, regardless of how that has real impacts on other peoples lives.

Since one piece of bigoted legislation with strong religious overtones isn't enough, surrogacy laws are also being rolled back, with the option of surrogacy now being limited to married couples, and heterosexual de-facto couples of more than two years. If a teenage girl accidentally falls pregnant with a child she doesn't want, she has to show medical necessity for an abortion.[1] Somehow, "a child needs a mother and a father" is not such important rhetoric then, who cares if the child is unlikely have the financial and emotional support it need. Yet if one or two people desperately want a child, have found someone who cares about them and trusts in them enough to serve as a surrogate mother, and are well placed to care for a child, both financially and emotionally, well, that's un-natural and immoral and plain wrong. Wake-up call! Surrogacy is not natural. It's not natural even if the recieving couple is heterosexual. Natural does not equal good. Deal with it.

I'm very depressed with society right now.

[1] In Queensland, abortion is generally regarded as lawful if performed to prevent serious danger to the woman’s physical or mental health, despite abortion being contained in the Criminal Code. Women and doctors can be criminally prosecuted for accessing or providing abortion 

N Cica, Abortion Law in Australia Parliament of Australia Library, Research Brief 1, 1998-1999.

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